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About Videotop do.o.:
Videotop d.o.o. was formed in 1992 as a company focusing on film and video. Ever since the year of 1994, the company has been specializing in the distribution of video games and magazine publishing. Ever since the company’s establishment, Videotop d.o.o. has been in private ownership and – with the help of subsidiary companies in Maribor (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia) – covers the vast majority of markets in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia.

Distribution and publishing of video games:
It all began in Maribor in the year of 1994 with an ambitious idea, a loan and nine square meters of office space when we started with indirect sales of video games and interactive software. Due to solid connections and aggressive focus on constant growth and development we managed to grow into the leading distributor of video games in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. Expansion, widely recognized trademarks and knowing the markets represent the strategic foundations on which we have been building to stay ahead of the competition. At the moment we are actively cooperating with leading published such as Activision Blizzard, Konami, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Sega, Square Enix and many others.

Magazine publishing:
In 1997, when we released the first issue of gaming magazine called PC Gamer, we had officially started with the publishing of magazines. However, we started focusing on it a lot more in 2002 when we started releasing magazines such as PC Format, Digitalna kamera (Digital Camera), FHM, Bravo, Auto Bild, Lepota in zdravje (Beauty and Health), Croatian versions of Bravo, FHM and Brava Casa and, last but not least, Serbian version of FHM. In the time of our greatest expansion and growth we had been releasing 12 different editions of magazines, out of which many became a huge success. After a long and successful era of publishing we got struck by the economic crisis and – despite successful cuts and gaining of several market shares – had to withdraw a portion of the magazines out of sale. Right now we are focusing on publishing of our most successful magazines. In Slovenia, we publishing six different magazines and their special editions: Lepota in zdravje (Beauty and Health), Grazia, Bravo, Hiša in Dom (House and Home), Digitalna kamera (Digital Camera) and Moji lasje (My Hair).

Our mission and goals:
Videotop brings the fun to your homes. We provide the market with products of entertainment and relaxations – whether it’s the video games or the magazines. In the future we wish to remain a flexible and strong organization that is capable of reacting on the changes on the market and provide a second home for all our employees. Our top goals are to remain the leading video game distributor in the region and expanding our publishing activity. Our growth is based on the focus on the target audiences and the regular introduction of new brands and empowering the existing ones. In Videotop, we also strive for creativity of our employees and more frequent cooperation with our current partners.

Companies in our group: 

Videotop Skupina d.o.o.
The parent company, formed for the managing of different group functions, real-estates and investments in new projects. No direct activity on the market.

Videotop d.o.o.
Focusing on active distribution of video games, Videotop represents major publishers such as Activision Blizzard, Take-Two, Konami, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and others. Under Mediatop, one of the brands owned by Videotop, the company is also working on book publishing and publishing of several albums and stickers like Angry Birds, Smurfs 2 and many others.

Seat: Trg revolucije 2, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 (0)2 330 330 0
Fax: +386 (0)2 330 331 1
E-mail address:
VAT: SI55571751